Singing Lessons

Singing is a wonderful way to bring people together. It can stir emotions, spread enthusiasm, be great motivation or can help you to relax.

Whether you would like to learn to sing for your own pleasure, join a choir (but need encouragement) or want to gain accreditation for singing, Vivo Voce can help you.

Whatever your musical taste, there’s a great deal of variety on offer. Some will follow the Rock School contemporary examination programme. Others choose the classical route and complete examinations through ABRSM.

Some need support with auditions for stage schools or national singing competitions (e.g. Open Mike etc); and some are keen to improve their confidence and technique in readiness for joining a local choir or singing group.

Singing lessons focus on :-

Put together these will enhance your ability to sing a variety of genres, providing you with a skill to be proud of.

But remember practice is vital, to improve at something a little work is required.